The Khariji Mentality Of Abu Khadeejah/SPUBS

From the characteristics of the khawaarij is that they fight the people of tawheed and leave of the people of shirk.

Abu Khadeejah and SPUBS are based in Birmingham, UK. Lets take a closer look at where Abu Khadeejah and SPUBS are based, and what masaajid are surrounding them:


As we can see, there is a Ahlul-Hadeeth Masjid (Green lane), Deobandi masjid (Dar Ul-Uloom), a hardcore Brelwi/Sufi mansid (Ghamkolvia Shareef), and worst of all, a Shee’ah masjid.

Yet strange how Abu Khadeejah and SPUBS ignore all the shirk and kufr around them (nay at their very door step!) from these hardcore deviant masaajid, and instead focus all of their efforts in “refuting” the people of tawheed (Green Lane).


Sh. Bin Baaz On Suicide Bombings

Disclaimer: I do not believe in killing innocent civilians, whether in the UK, USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, or elsewhere. This clip is for information purposes only, showing that this scholar held this view.

Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan: The Ikhwaan Al-Muslimen Are From Ahlu Sunnah WalJamaa’ah

Response To The Baseless Accusations Against Sh. Ibraheem Ruhaylee

[In Madeenah the biggest halaqah I saw was that of Ash-Shaykh Ibraheem Ar-Ruhaylee, sitting about 50 meters away from Shaykh ‘Abdul Muhsin Bin Hamad Al-Abbaad. Coming back to the uk, I see the Madkhalis latest target is…… Shaykh Ibraheem Ar-Ruhaylee. Lol, these guys r pure khawarij in their mentality. Below is the rsponse from th honourable shaykh, hafidhahUllaah.]

Shaykh Ibraheem said in response to Shaykh Ubayd al Jabiree’s accusation that Shaykh Ibraheem Ruhaylee said:

“It is permissible to take Knowledge from the one who does not make tabdee of Jahm bin Safwan.”

Shaykh Ibraheem’s response to Shaykh Ubayd:

This Statement (that is attributed to me) is falsehood.

Rather it is a fabrication and an oppression (against me), because I did not direct anybody to take knowledge from the one who does not make Tabdee of Jahm bin Safwan.

This sentence only came in an expression in a debate with a Student of knowledge when he asked me concerning a student of knowledge who is studying under a man of Ahlul Sunnah.

The Questioner informed me that he (had been advised) to discontinue benefiting from him because he did not make tabdee of a man in our contemporary times who the scholars of Ahlu sunnah had differed regarding declaring him to be an innovator.

Rather the majority of ahlu sunnah do not make tabdee of his mistake and do not expel him from the sunnah because of his slip.

So when I directed him (the questioner) that it is permissible to benefit from this man and this was specifically after it was mentioned to me the scarcity of teachers from ahlu sunnah in his country.

He was not satisfied with this response so this sentence came in my speech in the form of a debate and the things that are obligatory, regarding the first issue. Which was taking knowledge from a person of the sunnah who does not make tabdee of the person previously mentioned.

It was not  an allowance to seek knowledge from the one who does not make tabdee of Jahm bin Safwan.

[Part 2]

…I indeed mentioned this doubt in the book لمساءل تاصيل  from a number of angles. I will mention two from them:

The first one: This expression (about Jahm bin safwaan) came when I was given a scenario I done this in order to satisfy the questioner who inquired with regards to seeking knowledge from the one who he was asking about

This method is well known in debates, so I gave him a situation where you have the worst case scenario with regards to the rights of a man who has knowledge but he does not make tabdi of Jahm so one should seek knowledge from him and leave his mistakes because the the benefits of attaining knowledge from him takes precedence  and the benefits attained outweighs the corruption of him not making tabdi of Jahm.

Shaykh Islam Ibn Taymiyah  said “If it becomes difficult to establish the obligatory matters from knowledge and Jihad and other than that except with someone who has a Bidah with him so that leaving that compulsory matter will  be more harmful than the harm (of sitting with the person of bidah). Then attainment of this benefit takes precedence over the harm if the opposite was done. [Ref: Majmoor fataawa vol 28 page 212]

The situation that the questioner was asking about was less than this. The mistake of that teacher in that he does not make tabdi of a person of whom there is a difference of opinion about and he has the ability to recognize the mistake is less than the mistake of the one who does not make tabdi of Jahm of whom there is consensus regarding his misguidance and the ruling of him being an innovator.

Secondly: What demonstrates the correctness of this scenario is the fatawa of the Ulama in which they ruled that it is permissible to seek knowledge from some of Ahlul Bidah in times of necessity and the jahmiyyah comes under the generality of ahlul bidah and also less than them the Mutazilah and also less than them the Ashaairah.

So if we had to choose between seeking knowledge from the Ashaairah who negate the attributes(of Allah)except seven and those that they do affirm is not upon the methodology of Ahlul sunnah and they also give precedence to the intellect over the divinely revealed text and they are Jabriyyah with regards to the belief in Qadr and they are Murji when it comes to Iman, and between seeking knowledge from a man who has a sound aqeedah but he does not declare Jahm to be an innovator, so seeking knowledge from the second man will take precedence over taking knowledge from the Ashaairah despite the fact that taking knowledge from the Ashaairah is permissible according to the people of Knowledge in times of necessity. [Ref: Taseel Almusaail page 60-61]

Translated by Jafar ibn Ruel Jeffrey Source Arabic Source

Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan On Jarh Wat-Ta’deel In This Day & Age

Questioner: Noble Shaikh, may Allaah grant you success, the questioner says, “We have heard from your excellency that [you say that] the door to Jarh and Ta’deel is closed in this time?”

Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan: “And are you going to open it now? Where is Jarh and Ta’deel? Where is the person who is able to acquaint [himself] with this field? These people do not have anything except speaking about people and defaming them, ‘So and so is like this and so and so is like that,’ this is backbiting, this is backbiting and it is not allowed. This is not Jarh or Ta’deel. Jarh and Ta’deel is knowledge connected to the chains of narrations, the chains of narrations of a hadith.

As for you sitting and saying, ‘So and so has this, and so and so has that,’ praising and criticising—this is not Jarh and Ta’deel. This is Jarh only, there is no ta’deel in it.

[It is] Jarh and backbiting and tale-carrying.”

Sharh al-Muntaqaa min Akhbaar Sayyidil-Mursaleen, at 1:17:56, from a lecture given on the 7th September 2013.


Who From The Scholars Begs Like Abu Khadeejah?


Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

As is well known, the business man Abu Khadeejah is trying is hardest to gather as much money possible to secure his footing in the Salafi Da’wah in the UK. A quick look at his twitter a/c will reveal his satanic tactics in getting money from others.

Below is one screen shot of a tweet by “Salafi Publications”, retweeted by Abu Khadeejah:


I am currently in the process of gathering his many tweets and iA a pdf booklet of all his tweets will be shown to all.

there were many others, but as is obvious, the business man (Abu Khadeejah) has been on this site quite a few times and has seen the comments section where his devilish tweets have been quoted, and has deleted some of his tweets. But no problem, screen shots are very handy!

Btw if anyone reading this has a phone which can capture screen shots of his tweets (or retweets), please do so, as my slow computer can only do it in the above^ method (with my desktop showing).

Hmmm, I wonder what his leader Rabee’ Al-Madkhali will have to say about such methods once these get translated and forwarded to him?! Hmmm, I wonder! Anyone up for the job of translating this and getting in touch with Rabee’?


The Business Man, Abu Khadeejah Needs Your Money!

Written by Bro. Abu Muhammad

[In Jumu’ah] Abu Khadeejah Al-Kaththaab step’s up to the mic and asks for his ‘pound’ per man women and child that attends the jummah prayer??? £1 each he says??? And says it pretty much every week?

What about a few months ago again after the jummah prayer abu khadeejah mentioned that people claim they are funded by the saudi’s? Then Abu Khadeejah stated that if they had been funded by the saudis ‘would we have a masjid like this’? He said and then went onto say ‘WE WOULD HAVE A GOLD PLATED MASJID’

That’s right….. he said they would have a gold plated masjid!

Then you have his Abu Khadeeja tweeting last eid:

Salafi Masjid @ SalafiMasjidCom
On Eid, the women in the time of the Prophet threw gold jewellery into collection when he said to them “give Sadaqah!” so bring your gold!

So he wants a gold plated masjid and wants the womens gold for his ‘projects’

Then you have his ‘sisters only’ lessons on sat mornings and abu hakeems sisters only lesdons on sunday morning? Wait for it!!! Now they have extended these to arabic lessons FREE for the sisters only – also abu khadeeja states clearly many times each week – NO MEN ALLOWED

So the sisters/wives of brothers are to go to wright street every sat and sun morning 9:30am till 12 ish. EVERY SAT AND SUN.

Abu khadeeja and abu hakeem are left to cultivate our women and NO MEN ALLOWED??????

As for abu khadeeja’s ‘projects’?


School in masjid

Secondary schools

Hajj umrah trips promoted using shiekh ubayd

Book shop


Total turnover??? 1.5 million per year.

And he still asks for £1 per person every juma?????

Things are about to change inshaAllaah